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Our Team

Yukiko Hirano


Director, Executive Producer

She delivers a unique and visionary creative style, with lucrative and dynamic results by leveraging an entrepreneurial approach, raising capital investment, sponsorship and identifying long-term opportunities that produce high-impact shows.
With her magic personality and the ability to understand the targeted audience, she can increase  public interest and reach with cost-effective solutions.

Yukiko specialises in elevating profitability and visibility by producing projects within budgetary and timeline constraints and assembling and managing innovative, creative teams in marketing and branding, as well as knowledge of the most traditional and upcoming talented artists in the Performing Arts, Dance, Music, Film & Television sector.​

Loeby lovato

Media, Production & Ops Manager

Over 20 years of expertise across production, creative, media, sales, digital, marketing and ops technology management.

Loeby has worked in senior management and project management roles for the private enterprise and public sectors, being responsible for all areas of production, from digital business transformation to end to end planning, design and execution, delivering on time and budget any kind of projects.

He is the specialist you would call when you need to get things done and back on track, ready-go and hands-on to any task, bringing smart production and execution problem-solving skills.


Hannah Salisbury 

hannah (2)_edited.jpg

Editorial Consultant 

Hannah is the voice of everyday people, bi-lingual in Japanese/English and with a gift for other languages.
She is a champion for producers at last minute deadlines, understanding local colloquialisms to get the message across and translating for a diverse and wide demographic audience.
Always ready with a smile, catching up with the latest news in arts, sport, lifestyle and more, constantly updating all our channels, influencing people every day, feeding our audience with quality content and in-style.

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